Issue #45

This will be, by far, one of the greatest stories that you will read or have ever read. This superlative entertainment and education can only be equated with itself. If ever there was a time that we all need to be reminded of the human reality and our freedom, it is now! Will things get worse before they get better? People, that is your call with the will, imagination, and discernment that has been given to you by the great God of the universe. SAMUEL MOTON LADY DIANE ’ S ADDRESS

With all these Americanime in the market, it is easy to see that America has left an indelible mark of its artistic identity in the animation world. Just like its Japanese counterparts, Americanime is worth praising in terms of its animation quality, production value, and creativity. If you have a must-watch list of animation series and movies, then it is definitely worth it to add these Americanime for your entertainment.



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