Issue #45

kind to those who enjoy and void to those who are bored.

its worth as often as it is used. We only notice its existence when we feel like we do not have much of it left or when we feel like we do not have enough of it.

Time is anything. It is what we believe it is. It is what we make it. And it has a wonderful way of showing what really matters.

The clock would say, time is the short and long hands running around the brass plate. What do you say we call it? Oh yes! Seconds and hours. And oh! It is also the small little lines circling around in the glass framed brass plate. How do we call it again? Minutes. But the calendar would also say that time is the numbers that determine the days, weeks, months and years. Some would say it is a period. Others would claim it is an instance, an event or a moment. And yes, they are all named time. Time is one precious thing we all have in this world. It is the vast space that we live on. It is what we all own. It is what we often use. It is what makes life. Wonderful isn’t it? But the sad thing about time is that it is what we often neglect, disregard, and fail to acknowledge its value. Sure, we own it, but we can’t control it. We often use it, but we tend to forget

But the truth is, time is always there. Opportunities run out but time doesn’t. Circumstances stop

but time doesn’t. It just comes in different form, different image, different shape, different figure that we sometimes get confused and merely recognized. Time is so wide that it was scattered into different pieces. But all of them, all of those pieces are what made up life no matter how small or big they are. Just like how a puzzle piece completes a whole picture, time fills up the wholeness of life. And it is for us how we define it. It is for us how we call it. Pick up every piece of it. The happiest, even its saddest portion, because every single bit is a part of a bigger picture. Accept it. Embrace it. Do not miss a piece of it, not even one. For it is only by so doing that you can complete the whole picture of life and maybe, it can become life itself.



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