Issue #45


Peaceful Environment

Sometimes, I’m guilty of doing this; I would be tempted to choose a laptop instead of a pen and notebook. But as much as I would love to agree, I’d still want to do it the old fashion way and feel that certain rush on what is in your imagination and write it down by releasing it through the tip of that pen touching the paper on your notebook.

Now that’s a classic or shall I say Old-school!

(i.e., Nature, I know it’s a bit cliché, but come on! Who doesn’t want to be with nature?)

3. Good Music

Some people might say they could just jot down random and colorful words to garnish it with their story in any place at any time, but nothing beats a peaceful place. Writing is the same as going to bed; you can’t sleep well if the place is full of noise and distractions. I mean you wouldn’t want to have nightmares in your sleep, don’t you? Same as you don’t like your story to be distorted and has an inconsistent plot to it.

You better start to doubt if I’m serious or not, the first on my list was to find a peaceful place to write and you think it might be a contrary to this list. Who says music is noise, not all sort of sound or something that produces frequency is pure noise, we should also consider that.

2. Pen and notebook to write on or paper and handy typewriter

Music can help us keep relaxed and sometimes focused.

It could be your favorite country song or modern pop, just pick something that can soothe your imagination and help you with your writing.

Now, most of you would react and probably say, we’ve already got tablets, laptops, and smartphones. This is the 201st century.



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