Issue #45

Now hit me with a classic Howard Shore piece and let’s fight some orcs, oops! See how fast I got carried away.

5. Tea for brits and coffee for the rest of the world. Stereotype alert!

4. Colorful and articulated source materials

It can be brewed, black or decaf. Admit it, both of these favorite beverages don’t need an introduction to the literary community. I mean way back when I was in grade school I really thought that coffee was some surname for a book. Some might say, hey! Coffee only matches while you’re reading a book, who says you can’t have coffee while writing? I mean, it’s not just the other way around, your brain cells need caffeine the most while we squeeze some good content to pour it down for a fantastic novel. We could all agree to disagree but, I’m 90 percent sure that these five mentioned above is also on your favorite best-selling author’s list.

A novel is a writer’s culmination of different thoughts and imagination, if you don’t agree with me, I could also add Paperclips magazine’s slogan “Ideas written by all”. Amazing source materials could be taken from other books, movies, songs comic books, etc. I’m not suggesting you should just copy and paste what you’ll come across, just reference a bit from that source material and add the rest of the flavor with your writing style to it.

Now we’re about to make some bestselling novel here!



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