Issue #45


Reminds us the one most spectacular gift we have been given, and that is life itself. The living force of mother nature shakes hands with humanity, and all is well for the moment, and that is all we have.

SO WHAT IF ANOTHER MAN SCREWS YOUR WIFE? VICTOR MEENACH The book seeks to reduce--if not totally eliminate--jealousy, shame, guilt, abuse, domestic violence, and possibly divorce.

never give up. George has had a number of health issues in the past 10 years, but still continues with his writing. He is now in end-stage kidney disease and will have to be on dialysis to survive. Stop George, no, he will not let it. George is the only person that can write his thoughts, his dreams, and his fabulous stories. These range from the western, to dragons, to the stars and planets. Having lived with a writer for all these years, my advice to the person that writes or has the desire to write, is to do just that. Never give up. Your words will always be here for further generations. Your stories, your ideas, your dreams, your characters will live forever in print.


DE EW I T T A . HE RD "Gifted" is not simply taking a simple thought and mixing it with reality, it is finding what you know best and exploring the possibilities of knowing how far you can go. Filled with humor and a surprising twist you’ll surely enjoy.

Give up, no. This word is not in George’s vocabulary.

He is and always will be my love and my soul mate, but most of all he will always be a writer.


| PAPERCLIPS ISSUE NO. 45 JASON O'NEIL This is a novel about a prince of Dubai, who devises a scheme to rob banks and casinos of hundreds of millions of dollars in what is perceived as a perfect crime. 99

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