Issue 46


Women, on the other hand, are more accepted to allow themselves to become vulnerable in these areas. They are more in tune to write of life experiences and struggles in order to help others along life’s journey navigating the intangibles. Women are much more open to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Based on this information, men and women are not considered equal in any part of society not just the literary world. Although great strides have been made in the last twenty years, it will take a change of stereotypical beliefs for any real change to take place. As a writer, all of this comes into play in evaluating your target market. As I began to write my book, I had to decide how to address my target audience. Knowing there were men who would benefit from my experiences, I also knew men would not be inclined to reach out for help. Thus my writing was tailored specifically for women. My writings deal with my life experience of living through great loss and understanding the difficult journey of grief in order to find recovery. Although targeted to women, many men have found help and encouragement from this book. The life experience of grief and loss is not gender specific, nor is the journey to recovery. As Russell Friedman learned and understood in his life’s work, feelings and emotions are not gender specific as much as society would have one believe that it is.

and positive feelings are good. This subconscious conditioning affects who we become and overflows into all aspects of our lives.

This conditioning by society further plays out from an early age according to gender. Boys should be more physical: rough, tough, non- emotional and over all less communicative. Girls, on the other hand are more accepted for being more expressive: chatty, touchy, more hands-on and emotional. This subconscious conditioning cannot but highly affect our literature and focus of writing on many levels, from personal experiences to the way we present the characters we develop. For these reasons a man would typically feel more comfortable writing in self-help, sports or financial arenas with more tangible rules or guideline topics. Men would develop more self- reliant, independent characters. Men are not inclined to share their innermost thoughts nor bare their soul.

This is important information that should be considered in the literary world.



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