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urrently the subject of much conversation (Acrostic Poem) By Elizabeth Squires Climate Change C L I M A earning of its effects through information nternationally scientists are using education ankind’s pollution is causes this situation ltering our ways may stop the devastation

P oetry is the soul of a writer. It’s the tiny door that opens to the huge part of the writer’s personality. Although poetry is becoming less and less appreciated, many still tried to introduce its importance to the techy new generation. Contrary to what many are saying, poetry is rather expressive, not melodramatic. It’s fun and adventurous compared to any other creative writings. And it comes with different forms and techniques. One good example, though this may not be common to other poets, is the acrostic.

Like haiku and sonnet, what makes acrostic challengingand fun is howthe set of rules limit the writer’s imagination to improve creativity. There are times when a poet craves to write but doesn’t know how or what to write, and most of them just picked out a random word or a name of their close friends as reference. This technique can also be used for beginners who want to learn the intriguing art called poetry. Let’s give it a try! TIPS: Things would be much easier if the word you pick is related to the topic you are about to write. Others would do it the other way around, their topic depends on the word they have chosen. Second, place the letters of your selectedword in vertical alignment. Each letter will be used as the first letter in each line. TIPS: Rhyming adds beauty to the acrostic poem. But it’s not necessary for beginners. How It Looks Like Someone by the name of Elizabeth Squires had brought people to her attention when she wrote her acrostic poem Climate Change. See how she wrote it, and how her message is relayed in a simple yet enlightening way. First, let’s pick a random word or a name. Finally, you can start supplying the lines using the letters of the word aligned.


ime isn’t on the side of the world’s population

ver we should be aware of its manifestation

ycles of weather becoming stranger by the day

eat is building up in the earth’s rocks and clay

verting further damage cannot be put on delay

Acrostic is a form of writing, usually a poem, in which a letter in each line spell out a word or phrase. Most common is the use of each letter of a word as the first letter of each line respectively.

eglecting our response to the planet won’t pay

lobally hotter and wetter conditions will parlay

veryone needs to heed the message of this day



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