Issue 53: Ralph Breaks the Internet

StoryLINE Wreck-It Ralph: Back to Break the Internet

I’m bad, and that’s good!

I will never be good, and that’s not bad!

emember who said this? Yup! Totally Ralph, a video game villain who tried to step outside the character he was designed for and find more in his existence. He’s the ‘bad’ guy who

awakened our realization that we don’t need a medal to tell us we’re the ‘good’ guys; at the end of the day, if one person (be it a kid) comes to like us, how bad can we be? When it comes to theatrically released animated sequel, Disney is just as fairly gushy. Following a theatrical release, The Rescuers Down Under , back in 1990, Disney Animation Studios has only ever produced one direct sequel. But now, we can put on count Wreck-It Ralph , as it sees a sequel of its own, Ralph Breaks the Internet breaking in theaters on November 21. The first movie brought us into the world that exists inside our favorite video games. The sequel, however, as its name implies, will expand on that theme and take on the entire Internet. With a scope that large, it’s promising that lots and lots


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