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Islamic Jihad to launch missiles and mortar bombs at Southern Israel on the next few days after Najjar’s funeral. Of all the people who had their hearts broken by Najjar’s death, a man named Izzat Shatat suffered the deepest wound. He is a twenty-three-year-old volunteer ambulance worker who planned to announce with Najjar their engagement at the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. Before she was shot, Shatat got worried and asked Najjar not to go to the border area that Friday. He said in tears, “She helped all people. She has never refused to help. She was the first to run toward anybody when he is shot.” Najjar said in a video, “We have one goal – to save lives and evacuate people,” “And to send a message to the world: Without weapons, we can do anything.” She inspired and touched a lot of hearts for her courage andunconditional service to Palestinians. Her death was not in vain. After the news about her got out, a lot of people around the world sympathizedwith Palestine. The reports of abuse finally got to the states that turned blind eyes to the most controversial conflict in the history of humanity. The UN condemned Israel for Najjar’s death, and the International arena continues to investigate of whether Israel needs to be pacified militarily for their over-use of disproportional military power. Her case was enough evidence to prove that IDFs do not discriminate who to fire at. A proof that speaks the truth loudly that during the protests, the Israeli army goes on a killing spree shooting as much Palestinians as they could as if toying with the very lives of the protesters cold-bloodedly. It’s a sad reality that Palestinians must face considering the fact that Gazan freedom is equated to the

blood of the innocent people who died and were wounded unjustly without even seeing and setting foot to the land which originally belongs to them. Razan Al-Najjar’s death became the mark of the beginning of the end of Gazan citizens’ agony. The world finally broke its silence. In the span of time from the 30th of March, the number of the people being stripped out of their human rights is still escalating, even to this day. Hopefully, the international organizations will be able to cater justice from both sides of the conflict. At present, the conflict continues to exist, human rights are constantly being violated, and Palestinians are still being oppressed. However, if you think you have seen it all, think again.

Photo | Mustafa Hassona / Anadolu Agency



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