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The adventure begins when an Inuit family with two children, Tiak and Unu, leave their people to find better hunting grounds. They travel for many days across Ice Cap Mountain, often suffering from hunger and exhaustion. Unfortunately, the mother dies during the trip, and the father does not return after leaving home to hunt for food. After being told by their father to go back in Uno’s dream, the two set out on a journey to finding their people beyond the Ice Cap Mountain with their knives and fishing gear. On the way, they meet a seal – the guardian of the sea – who tells them to visit Brother Walrus, who knows the way to Ice Cap Mountain. To survive, they’ll need to traverse difficult terrain, battle a grizzly bear, and get help from an unlikely friend – Snowbear. ELISABETH SCHALIJ

“ You turned SNOWBEAR into a jewel, as any good children ’ s book, great for children and full of inspiring thoughts for adults as well. ”

-Jaap J. Bredee, M.D., Utrecht, The Netherlands

“ An exceptional coming-of-age set among the Inuit. Powerful." - Christopher Kerr Parson Weems Publisher services LLC




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