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THE SERPENT’S LAST SECRET By Gail Logan Paperback: 154 pages Publisher: iUniverse (June 29, 2017) Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1532026249

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How we live today through the knowledge we’ve learned about the past might affect what lies ahead in the near future. That is what author, Gail Logan, wants to convey through the final book of her series. Following the success of the first two books of the series, The Sundisk and Time is of the Essence , Logan has come to earnestly end the trilogy with a stunning conclusion. The Serpent’s Last Secret led the continuation of the exhilarating journey into the final revelation, although it didn’t really set from where the second book left off. From sundisk to other ancient artifacts, the journey has now forced sorcerer Vorelis and his two daughters, together with Earth’s time traveler, John Pelletier, the giant mole Murdock, and Earth physicist Prof. Whitfield, into obtaining the missing ruby. The gem holds the secrets of the universe and acquiring it would open the door to another parallel universe— the past— for which they are determined to reach and put an end to the world’s mayhem and corruption before it gets even worse. Well, they’ve successfully obtained the gem but would they be able to break the curse of the past and save the universe from what could have become of its future? That’s one thing readers should find out for themselves, and there’s definitely one good end to entice you with. The Serpent’s Last Secret is honestly devoid of complicated twists and Logan has made her way through the simplicity of the plot. However, as it is written with humor, wit and some poetic lines from the author herself, this book will captivate your imagination just as good as how you’d expect it to be. And like the first two, this final book unconsciously binds both spiritual and mathematical perspective to explain the physical phenomenon of the universe and the surrounding events. It is undoubtedly something everyone must have for their past-time reading.




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