Paperclips Magazine: Christopher Robin

Bridget Turner

Donna C. Worthy



Winnie-the-Pooh is an adorable, cuddly example of unconditional love. He loves and gives and encourages every character in The Hundred Acre Wood. Their differences don’t matter to him. He is loyal and loving to everyone. What a wonderful world this would be if more of us showed such love to those around us.

As a child I can still remember singing alongside my sister Lisa in the neighborhood talent shows even though I couldn’t sing a lick, she could! We were simply caught up in the excitement! But today, if someone called on me to sing in a fun-filled night of Karaoke, I’d probably chicken out and duck under the table!”

Catherine Bowers

Hollis Arban



In life sometimes the road gets long, hard, and dark so we must learn to tap into our inner abilities to persist and prevail life’s negative twists and turns.

I just watched Pooh Bear when his friend Christopher Robin asked Pooh to promise he would be there for him for ever and ever. It made me smile and recall a little girl of 5 making me promise to be “Best Buddies Forever.” She now has her new “Best Buddy” and two little poohs to share with. Don’t you love little people with great imagination!



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